Dear YAODS Members and Supporters

My name is Malcolm Kleiman. The time has now come for us to forge A NEW WAY AHEAD on the road to the long term future successes of our Society.

I have been tasked with leading A New Way Ahead which involves:

 a) Bringing our membership and contacts lists up to date, (b) Knowing your preferences and (c) Reaching out with a wider involvement into the community.

As many of you will know, Linda Marshall our stalwart secretary after 18 years of unstinting service to yaods has stood down, but will still be a supporting member of the society.

 Your co-operation in this task would be appreciated.

(a) Membership and Contacts lists: Please could you assist by emailing your name – address – phone numbers. (

  1. b) Out of the following list, please state all of your preferences: Performing – Musicals – Plays – Concerts – Casual Singing in the community – Back stage- Front of house – Committee – Volunteer helper – Other.

(c) Wider involvement in the community.

Please email directly to so that we can keep you fully informed and up to date at all times.

I have already set in place a new association between yaods and AVSED as part of the involvement with the gathering volunteers to go and sing popular songs that do not require any rehearsals. Please see attachment.

Success does not only just depend on the committee; it involves YOU, members of your family, friends and people you work with.

Could YOU help to improve the future of YAODS?

What would YOU like YAODS to do, together with YOU to make it happen?

If YOU, your family or friends wish to be part of making THE NEW WAY AHEAD a more EXCITING – ENJOYABLE and ENTERTAINING experience then put names foreword by email to