Our March 2017 Musical was a great success! Over 2,600 people booked tickets for:


In 1968 women at the Ford auto plant in Dagenham, England go on strike. As sewing machine operators making the coverings for car seats, their jobs have been reclassified from semi-skilled to unskilled. A friendly shop steward, Albert Passingham, tells strike leader Rita O’Grady that this isn’t about whether they are skilled or not. They’re getting paid less because they are women and unless they change things, they will always make less than the men do. The women walk off the job and eventually the plant runs out of car seats with the entire plant shutting down. With the men now out of work it’s left to Rita to convince them they need the support of all workers to succeed. The intervention of a senior government Minister who takes up their cause despite a heavy-handed response from Ford clears the way for a solution and leads to legislation on equal pay for work of equal value. Based on a true story.

Our production Team-
Director/ Choreographer – Peyton Martin.  – Musical Director – Jacob Savage

Brilliant Workshop for Made In Dagenham! Looking forward to the Auditions on Saturday 19th March 2016.


Wharfe Valley Flood Appeal

Wharfe Valley Flood Appeal is helped by amateur theatrical group

AN APPEAL helping flood victims in Otley has been given a £150 boost by generous theatre goers.

Yeadon Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society invited fundraisers from the Wharfe Valley Flood Appeal to hold collections at its latest production of The Little Shop Of Horrors at YeadonTown Hall last week.

Collections were held at all the performances, with audiences digging deep to help people who were hit by the Boxing Day flooding.

The appeal, which was set up by Niki Taylor, raised more than £4,000 within days. But YAODS says more support is needed as the knock on costs of the damage continue to rise.

Mel Metcalf from the appeal said: “We are so grateful to Yeadon Amateurs for inviting us along and enabling us to raise this money. We did not expect to raise so much and it just demonstrates that in times of need, we can still rely on our neighbours.”

Malcolm Kleiman, Vice Chairman of Yeadon Amateurs said: “We have worked together, to provide entertainment for our local community and also help where it is needed. We are always glad to help our neighbours and reinforce that sense of community spirit.”

Congratulations to everyone involved on and off stage in our Christmas Concert at Yeadon Town Hall. A roaring success thoroughly enjoyed by both the audience and the ones taking part. Pictures of our singers, Otley Brass Band, Peace Dance Academy children, and some of the many members/committee members, and volunteers that enable the evening to run smoothly and safely.

Also our Community Singers at High Trees Garden Centre Saturday 19th December 2015.  A lovely couple of hours enjoyed by all singers, staff and customers who helped us with a collection for Aireborough Voluntary Services to the Elderly with Disabilities (AVSED)1236 5 48 9 10